Datto RMM – Better Halo Alerts

If you haven’t read already I recommend you read my better email alerts blog first as this builds on top of that https://mspp.io/datto-rmm-better-email-alerts/

This function will bypass sending alerts via email to Halo and create them directly via the API. This means you should get alerts quicker than having to wait for the email parser to create them from that.

It utilises custom reports to map tickets directly to the correct device. It also uses reports to be able to relate any alerts which occur within the last 5 minutes or set alerts to be reoccurring and make them child tickets of the original alert if the same alert triggers within 24 hours.

It will sets the Datto Alert ID on the ticket so that Halo will treat it as if it was created by its own integration.

To deploy this please visit this GitHub Repository for instructions:


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