NinjaOne – Introducing Automated Documentation

Recently NinjaOne added in some new API endpoints and enhancements to their Documentation products which has finally made automated documentation possible. I decided to take advantage of these over the Christmas break to put together some initial scripts to show off what is now possible.

Details on how to configure the common settings and then each individual script can be found here:

I have made four scripts to start with, the details are below:

Enhanced Alerts

This script will populate a custom field on Organizations and Devices. It will show a prioritized list of alerts sorted by Severity, Priority then Created Date. It will also display a small graph detailing when the specific alert has been triggered on the device in the last 30 days.

It will also populate a view across organizations of Critical and Major severity items into the Global Overview company.

Enhanced Ticket Reports

This script will populate a custom field into each Organization that has logged tickets in the configured time range. It will provide data on Technician Time Tracked, Technicians Comments made and then break these up by Tickets, Technicians and Tags per Organization. It will also produce a company wide report showing the information per Organization into the Global Overview company.

There is also an option which will output the report into an HTML document in the location you configure in the script.

Aruba InstantOn

This script will create NinjaOne Documentation templates and documents for Aruba InstantOn sites and devices.


This script will generate a NinjaOne Document template and NinjaOne documents for every domain contained in CloudFlare

If you have any problems please log an issue on my GitHub:

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