Hudu – CrewHu Integration

We utilise CrewHu for customer feedback and employee recognition. Previously we used to utilize the statistics CrewHu pulled from IT Glue for a weekly contests on most activity and most new documents created so I have recreated this information but being pulled from Hudu.


First go to : and enable the contest update API. Make sure you also get an API Token.

Next go to and create two metrics:

Hudu Docs Viewed

Hudu Docs Created

Make a note of the Metric code for each:

Next you need to go to

Here setup contests that utilise the new metrics.

Finally make sure you have your Hudu API Key and your Hudu domain.

The script when run will then update the contest for the period the contest lasts for. It will replace any other values that were already in the contest, so I recommend you just run it shortly before the end of the contest. The script is setup for a weekly contest, but you can change this by altering the adddays setting in the “#Get Hudu Data” section.

The script can be found here:

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